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Who am I?

I have become averse to labels, especially when they’re applied to human beings. I’d rather hear a story. I can learn a lot about a person that way. Since you’re here on my About page, I can only assume that you’re wondering who I am. That should become quite clear through my posts. I will, however, give you a little more. From time to time I’ll add a story to this page, and let you draw your own conclusions.


My poetry can be read at Fragrance that the Violet Sheds.
My photography can be found at Ruff Edge Design and Flickr.
I contemplate matters not necessarily book-related at


The first time my future husband really kissed me, we were standing in front of Jutras Signs in Pinardville, New Hampshire. Did I know, then and there, that he was the one? No, but the kiss left me with nothing to complain about.



I’ve long been interested in cars. When I was out on my own, after college, I subscribed to Car and Driver, and kept up with the subscription until, probably, my third or fourth child was born. When I took a magazine writing course through Colorado Free University, I wrote my article (OK, I started to write my article—I never finished the assignment or the class) on women and cars. Before that, when I was in college and working at B. Dalton at the Mall of New Hampshire, I had taken a fancy to the new Audi 90 and gawked whenever I saw one on the road. Then my husband-to-be decided that with his new gig in software sales in Boulder, he could probably afford to move on from his 1983 Rabbit GTI. What did he buy? A 1988 silver Audi 90 (even without the Quattro, it got him home from Colorado Springs to Highlands Ranch in an October 1997 blizzard that dumped 21.9 inches of snow overnight), and there have been Audis parked in our driveways ever since. Right now, we have three: a 1997 Ming Blue A8, a 2004 Light Silver A4, and a 2004 Brilliant Red S4. I named the S4 “Scarlet,” but seeing Dennis’s 2011 Mercedes E350 4Matic parked next to her in the garage made me consider changing her name to “The Beast” and dubbing the Merc “Beauty.”

Here’s that first 90 parked outside our condo on October 25, 1997. Photo creds: Dennis.

Snowy 90 in 97


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