From Rebellion to Rebellion

This excerpt from The Power of Silence by Robert Cardinal Sarah seems timely:

335. Media society moves from sentimental rebellion to moral rebellion, like a desperate Sisyphus figure ceaselessly climbing the mountain. It demands its rebellion, its hatred of what it idiosyncratically defines as unjust and unfair, proud of its correct opinions, which are, however, the most pretentious ideas we could ever find. Cynical and shameless, it despicably revels in its dislikes.

336. Modern existence is a propped-up life built entirely on noise, artificiality, and the tragic rejection of God. From revolutions to conquests, from ideologies to political battles, from the frantic quest for equality to the obsessive cult of progress, silence is impossible. What is worse: transparent societies are sworn to an implacable hatred of silence, which they regard as a contemptible, backward defeat.

337. A  man without silence is a stranger to God, exiled in a distant land that remains at the surface of the mystery of man and the world; but God is at the deepest part of man, in the silent regions of his being.

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